Southern Rage Paintball is having an open tryout for anyone interested in joining our program for 2019. We are looking for a select few players for our divisional and Semi Pro lines. We will be competing in regional D3, D4, D5, and D6 divisions in the 2019 MVPS Series, and Semi-Pro in 2019 NXL series.


If you have been on the team merry-go-round, paying and not developing and find yourself at a plateau, you need to come check out SRP.
Players dedicated to the team, each other, and the sport we love
Organization with dedicated professional coaches and support staff
Players who are constantly striving to improve and are just as dedicated as you
Leadership group focused on the players, not profit
Support staff who willingly volunteer their time and abilities to help us win
See how we achieved over 30 podiums in the last two years from local events, and brought young players up to the ability to compete in Semi-Pro in under a year! Our program works! If you want to grow in paintball come out to the SRP Tryouts.


The tryouts will be structured just like our normal practice, very challenging! We are looking for committed players that are looking to grow in paintball. Our owner, Chris MacFarlane, and Coaches Billy Wing and Kyle Barry, are dedicated to helping players grow from any beginner level to the peak of their game!


Tryouts are on Sunday, December 9th at Extreme Rage Paintball Park in Fort Myers, FL.
No fee to attend. Pre-register by December 6th and get field discount pricing, $15 entry and $35 a case (if not pre-registered, normal field prices are $21 entry and $50 a case).
Plan to shoot 1+ case for the day. Tryouts start at 8a sharp with agility training (we suggest a light meal prior to).
We look forward to seeing you there!
When: Sunday, December 9th from 8am (sharp) – 3pm
Where: Extreme Rage Paintball Park, 3820 Veronica S. Shoemaker Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33916
Field entry and paint: to get the field discount you MUST pre-register by December 6th. Absolutely no exceptions!


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