The Developmental Paintball League (DPL) was established to develop new paintball players with strong skills and ethical play and to encourage the formation of new teams interested in tournament play.

This tournament series provides aspiring players a forum to play competitive paintball, gain needed tournament skills, and compete in local tournaments.

By adhering to the same national rulebook we endeavor to give players needed skills, strategies, and familiarity to compete and win in the exciting sport of paintball.

Join us for the next  Developmental Paintball League, hosted at Extreme Rage Paintball Park of Fort Myers. Please see the schedule below to see when the next league starts. You will be assigned a team, a coach, and play in 3 separate tournaments.

In the DPL you will get one on one coaching with professional player Kyle Barry and Semi Pro players from the SRP team. We will teach you everything from how to get down and dirty in the snake, crossing the field, to communicating and winning games as a team.

Everyone uses the same rental gear and plays with lower velocity and smaller caliber paintballs!

Great for first-timers and younger players.

Bring your own gear, or rental gear can be provided. Standard .68 caliber paintballs, and 300 FPS velocity.

Play like the professionals!

Spring 2020 DPL Cancelled

While paintball is normally played at high velocity and can at times sting, this league will be lower impact, reduced velocity, safe and a controlled environment. Every paintball game/tournament/event is regulated by defined rules designed to control velocity and rate of fire. All players’ equipment is checked prior to play, and randomly during play, to ensure all equipment conforms with the rules. Essentially, we have slowed down the speed of the paintballs. We also have hands down the best referees and staff in the business to ensure you and/or your child has a great time.

Paintball specific pants are best, jeans or long pants will work fine and closed toed athletic shoes. A long sleeve dri-fit shirt is included in your registration fee. Please apply sun-screen before you come and bring some to reapply. Non-metal cleats are encouraged.

Registration includes:

  • Daily Entry to fields
  • Rental Gear: Marker, Hopper, Tank, Mask, & Chest protector
  • Instruction and coaching
  • All paintballs for practice’s and tournaments
  • Unlimited compressed air refills
  • DPL team Jersey!

Yes of course! Bringing your own equipment is encouraged for anyone playing in our advanced division, Beginner division uses our Low Impact rental guns. We do this to ensure all beginner players start at a level playing field.

Absolutely, we encourage active parental participation including playing with your child. This is a great sport to enjoy with your child. It is easily understood, fast-paced and engaging. 

All events will be held at Extreme Rage Paintball Park in Fort Myers, FL, located at 3820 Veronica S. Shoemaker Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL. (239) 939-0911.

Questions? Please Email or call Chris MacFarlane at:


Phone: (239)250-0771

Please note; parents or guardians are required to sign waivers before a child attends any DPL event.

Waivers can be found here


We have tried to keep the cost as low as possible by switching to the new D500 limited paint format and including all the paint needed to play.

Beginners Division: $350 (Paintballs & Rental Gear included)

Advanced Division: $350 (Paintballs & Rental Gear if needed included)